New features in Trading 212

I would like to see new features like pre and post market hours trading.

Next feature that would like is options trading.

I know that is very hard to implement these features but think that even if you make it a “Pro membership” fixed monthly payment or yearly many people would be happy to pay.

There are a lot of topics about this. Use the search… I believe they already are implementing this partially.

Some people talk about CFD extended hours - I don’t use CFD, only ISA account!
Some people reported that they have extended hours but I haven’t got any notification at all!
Options trading is very different than CFD! CFD is contract for difference and you play against the broker (trading212)…
With options you can buy or sell put or call options to another trader. Also you can do cover call - basically guaranteed the trade with your own shares!
You can make a lot of money every week with option trading if you know what you are doing and this is not a gamble!

Did I mention CFD in my previous post? I believe I didn’t :wink: I know how they work, use them daily.

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