Options & Extended Hour Trading

Just wanted to repeat previous calls others have made on this forum for both options trading and extended hours trading.

Pies are nice and all but have you ever seen a stock up 12% pre market only for you to miss out when the market opened to everyone? Tears of frustration, boys.


You can already trade options, go to the CFD section of T212.

To be honest, I don’t want to touch CFDs with a barge pole. I’d much prefer options. Ideal world being extending out of hours to Invest and ISA accounts

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Agreed, also gives us an insight into foreign markets our daytime jobs might not give us first sight access to. For a lot of people the pre trading might be more accessible and lead to more investments being made.
I can appreciate the cfd side of things but my current knowledge makes it more like going to ladbrokes and betting on a new horse except they still don’t chase you for the leveraged difference!


Totally agree with you. I realise CFDs go a long way to subsidising the free service we all enjoy in the Invest and ISA accounts but still, stuff CFDs. Can you imagine how much of a lead T212 would have if they offered out of hours trading and options? I think it’s mad to use another broker (like rip off Hargreaves Lansdown) as it is already on the grounds of what you get for your money, but it would be even more stupid to in that case!

Couldn’t agree more with your post. I can’t wait for the day they add options trading to the platform. Currently have to do it thought IB or an American platform and both aren’t really user friendly, so if Trading212 pull it off I really feel it will bring in a lot of users who are currently making do with unfriendly options trading on different platforms.

Will also welcome pre/after hours trading, this is another feature that will make a massive positive difference to my own trading and the platform!