New fractional ETFs in EUR?

Hello @Team212 . Firstly, great work! I really like the platform, it´s great and much better than Etoro. Pies as well! However I would like to have more fractional ETFs in € for my long term pie. Are you planning to add some short term? I´m looking for small cap europe and US etfs for example.


Hello @Team212 @David @George . Any news for non-UK users? I would really appreciate if you could make more € ETFs fractional, so I can complete my porfolio. I´m mainly interested in:

  • iShares MSCI World Small Cap (IUSN)

  • iShares Core Global Aggregate Bond EUR (EUNA)

I moved almost my entire portfolio to Trading212 and trying to build a long-term pie, but it´s not easy to stick to my strategy if many ETFs are not fractional.
Thank you guys! You are doing great work, this is the only thing I´m not entirely happy with :slight_smile: