New IPOs CFD going live TODAY (Mon 24th Aug)

Good morning @David @Martin @PeterA

The following IPO’s are diarised for CFD today:

SONN: Sonnet BioTherapeutics Inc
ADMA: ADMA Biologics
THMO: ThermoGenesis Holding Inc
LMNL: Liminal Biosciences Inc
AXAS: Abraxas Petro
TTOO: T2 Biosystems
KMDA: Kamada
HARP: Harpoon Therapeutics
SRNE: Sorrento Thera
QLGN: Quaigen Therapeutics Inc

PRTY: Party City Holdco


AMGO: Amigo Holdings

FTSE 250
888: 888 Holdings

Would you mind adding as soon as you can please?


@PorterOldSlug Joey’s post is not for CFD accounts

Is there a separate calendar for when stocks launch an IPO on CFD platforms or are you just trying to get them added?

If the latter I’d say go with your original idea of tagging a request to my posts. Probably cleaner that way.

@Joey_Fantana I read your post as an IPO request, not that it was already decided by T212 to be added to the Invest/Isa platform, please clarify?

I’ve been using T212 CFD for approx 5 weeks and T212 have only 3 new IPO/tickers to Stock.

Searching through post regarding IPO’s to be added to T212 platform, your request are replied to, and implemented more than any others in the community.

So i thought if i create a separate post daily using your same language the same may occur for CFD users.

Time will tell :wink:

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Well I’m surprised they aren’t added to CFD at the same time but I don’t use that side of the platform so no idea if there is more involved.

I just add the daily IPOs because the community tends to ask for these after they’ve gone live and get arsey when 212 don’t add them quick enough. I’m just trying to help out the team in staying ahead of the requests and the community so they have access right off the bat.

@David @PeterA @Martin can any of you advise if it’s do-able to add the new IPOs to all platforms simultaneously?

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I’m getting arsey too lol it’s annoying at this end as there’s hardly any progression in their CFD platform which is baffling to me.

If UK and US businesses consent to CFD users, and the IPO is on T212 Invest/ISA platform it should just be added to the CFD platform, along with if US stocks on the CFD platform allow extended trading hours it should be included.

I’ve searched the community to find out what T212 business model for the future is for their CFD platform and can not find anything. If they want to remain in beginners mode why have CFD’s as an option, my expectations for the company will naturally be lower as i’d understand T212 CFD is an introduction platform.

Anyway rant over

Lets see what the team reply, they might also add them to CFD from now onwards. :slight_smile:

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So i’ll take the no reply as a No they won’t be added today.

Can we please add UK stock

hopefully someone from T212 will reply soon :slight_smile: