Requested CFD's to go live TODAY

Good morning @Team212

The following IPO’s are diarised for CFD today:

OCGN: Ocugen
VVPR: Vivopower Intl
UONE: Urban One
LCA: Landcadia Holdings II Inc
CHFS: CHF Solutions
SHLL; Tortoise Acquisition
BLNK: Blink Charging
RMBL: RumbleON
HUSN: Hudson Captial Inc

SHLL-U: Tortoise Acquisition

Monday 24th August request would also be appreciated:

SONN: Sonnet BioTherapeutics Inc
ADMA: ADMA Biologics
THMO: ThermoGenesis Holding Inc
LMNL: Liminal Biosciences Inc
AXAS: Abraxas Petro
TTOO: T2 Biosystems
KMDA: Kamada
HARP: Harpoon Therapeutics
SRNE: Sorrento Thera
QLGN: Quaigen Therapeutics Inc

PRTY: Party City Holdco


AMGO: Amigo Holdings

FTSE 250
888: 888 Holdings

Would you mind adding as soon as you can please?


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Don’t take this the wrong way, but do you know what an IPO is? I’d just be wary of using my wording for what are essentially just CFD instrument requests.

Unless Ocugen, Urban One, et al, are in fact diarised to launch on CFD platforms today, but I’m pretty sure they’re not.


Hi @Joey_Fantana no offense taken yes i know the actual meaning of an IPO haha, honestly just using your wording in the hope to get some CFD attention from T212. As explained your post receives most replies by staff along with being acted upon.

My understanding from your post before however is that you were asking for T212 to add the IPO to T212 on the said day?, not that it had been decided by T212 they were to be launching the IPO on the platform, and you were simply reminding them?

As i believed it was a suggestion from yourself, with an eye catching title (new IPO going live today) i thought i’d also use this method. Of course i’ll tweak the title if i know it was already established to be launched :wink:

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So confused right now lol

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You have a twin @Joey_Fantana lol


Yeah I’d maybe just remove any mention of IPO as that has potential to confuse them.

And just to add context as to why my posts get responded to, it’s because 212 endeavour to add all new IPOs asap anyway. My posts are just there to make sure they don’t miss any.

I didn’t realise there was such a disconnect between instruments available on the CFD and Invest sides. Is VRM available? That might be a decent substitute for RMBL in the meantime…?


@AdrianUK yes he has a twin haha

@Joey_Fantana Huge disconnect for CFD and high expectations for T212, its my own fault really. No VRM isn’t available and RMBL is more volatile. It’ll be my last post on the subject as i’ve registered for an account elsewhere :wink: .


Sooo your approach to getting attention is to write a deceptive subject line which relates in no way to what you’re asking for?

Would you respond to someone who does that? :grimacing:

No offense but I think you’re taking the wrong approach here. :upside_down_face:

No offense taken.

Yes i would respond as its called customer service, delivery of this request may not be the best, however the request of new content remains :wink:

Ahhhh customer service! Well, there’s quite a few customers here requesting stocks be added to the CFD platform with honest subject titles. My guess is those customers would be prioritized. Just a thought! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Likewise many who don’t have their stocks added, neither receive a reply regarding the stock request, so rather than picking out small content, you might do better reading its entirety as the point was Joeys are acted upon more often than not, in comparison to others, which was why the tongue in cheek message was stated to begin with!

I long to see these few customers whose CFD request have been acted upon, hilarious.

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Another detail maybe worth pointing out that might help add context is, when I started doing the IPO messages, 212 were at a stage where their focus was primarily on the beta testing of the latest Pies feature, and at that time they stated repeatedly they would only be adding IPO stocks for a while, hence why a large queue has built up.

With the roll-out of the pies feature this week (?) I’m guessing they will have a little more time to dedicate to adding more stocks (perhaps why we saw 100 new ones added in Friday’s update last week), so you may see the tide turn on this front soon, however if I were you I’d post a query in the help section asking the general question of what the process is for getting Invest stocks transitioned to the CFD side or if there is a reason why so many are missing. :slight_smile:

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@Hectares All of the securities mentioned above except for CHFS are available as CFDs! Enjoy :v:

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Thank you @Martin much appreciated :smile:

Thank you too @Joey_Fantana for your replies and tags regarding this matter :smile:


Well it would seem I stand corrected :cowboy_hat_face:


You’d have more luck predicting the stock market… :wink:

What I’m really waiting for now @Joey_Fantana is Tortoise Acquisition II (SNPR), Forum Merger III, PSTH and Dragoneer lol

Yeah I’ve seen all those guys coming up - any news on any of their acquisitions? Guessing nothing doing with Tortoise as it’s literally been announced today, but the others?


Not a sausage! Been very quiet despite spending quite a bit of time researching potential targets.

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Don’t know if you’ve seen but I’ve been updating the SPAC list in the other thread that Aaron created, adding merge targets where they are known. Should check it out (just search for LOI if you haven’t already bookmarked the post).

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