New IPOs going live TODAY (2nd July)

It’s an insurance company. The absolute best of them make a 10% margin. This particular one makes a 50% loss and will take 3-5 years to grow to $1bn in Premium/Revenue.

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That’s fine for the long-term investors then.

Apparently Baillie Gifford were in for $100m. Good enough for me.

Don’t even have to wait for a better price now. Can go in fractional and cost average.

What can we expect of Monday? Anything to check out?

Not unless Capstar (who delayed theirs) goes live then.

Other than that, Blue City Holdings going live Wednesday.

okay thanks is there any reason why they haven’t added opes yet? alot of people have been requesting it for some time?

Just that their concentration is on the pies beta and the issues that come out of that. Because it’s scheduled for Q3, along with making all stocks fractional.

That said I’ve noticed if enough folk get arsey on here about a particular stock they tend to remove the headache and add it, although that might have just coincided with a rare moment of quiet for them. Surprised OPES hasn’t made it into that bucket yet tbh.

There’s a thread regarding OPES kicking about. Do a search and give it a bump. Remember to tag the usual guys.

Good one David, Whats up next on the IPO Market.

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Price starting to go to where we all hoped. Good entry point coming up this week perhaps.

For all those who were interested, it’s getting pretty close to original IPO levels…

Yes, I think I am around break even :sweat_smile:.
I invested a very small amount, but it might be the moment to sell, I haven’t made my mind up yet. I think the stock market may dip/correct in the next couple of weeks.

This aged incredibly well @AdrianUK :smile: