New IPOs going live TODAY (2nd July)

It’s good to have a dream lol

My order just keeps disappearing…
Has anyone bought any shares?


This just reiterates my point though, Trading212 really needs a way to just set a market order buy for IPO’s that people can just set and forget.


It exists today, I call it imaginary order, how it works?

You imagine you put order at imagined priced. You basically set and forget about it.
Then 10 years from now you sell for imaginary profit.

Works like a charm :beers:

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Think I’ll go see what Accolade is doing…:wink:

Ooft, the wee avatar is loaded already… now I have to buy it! #magpie

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Great tip! Imaginary retirement is gonna be sweet :joy:


It appears not much at present lol

It instantly feels like a safer investment: it must be a winner, it’s got a logo and everything :joy:

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Or maybe it’s a sign … we are all about to take an "L"

Badum … tss. :drum:


If someone has a :crystal_ball: , do tell which IPO is new “big” thing.

Wouldn’t mind spending rest of my life on :beach_umbrella:

Think it’s going live guys

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Yeah can see it on Yahoo. Just feeding through I guess. Bit lower than $54

At that price it’s a miss for me. :v: Have fun guys, im off.

How did they get access before us?

Well that was fun. Made about £60.

I never play IPOs or day trades but figured the hype was worth it.

Welcome to life as a retail investor.

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See you when Snowflake lands.


Thanks Joey keep up the good work


I don’t know, I was initially interested, but newspapers are talking of a 20 billion USD valuation for a 100 million USD revenue company. It seems like too much.
Assuming high profit margins of around 30% we would be talking of a P/E ratio of around 650…

Don’t be sensible now, we all know we trade on the hype :joy: