New IPOs going live TODAY (2nd July)

Good morning @David @Martin @PeterA

The following IPOs are diarised for TODAY, already set up on IB, would you mind adding please?;

NYSE:ACCD (Accolade Inc.)
NYSE:LMND (Lemonade Inc.)

Also the following are nearing merger date and as such are gathering a lot of heat here. I know these are less of a priority, but if it isn’t too much trouble to add whilst adding the above it might make a lot of the noise around them on here go away (until the next merger is announced anyway!);

NASDAQ:OPES (OPES Acquisition / BurgerFi merger)
NYSE:GRAF (Graf Industrial / potential Velodyne merger)
NYSE:MFAC (Megalith Financial Acquisiton / unknown digital banking platform merger)




+1 for all these and please can GPAQ be added, the merger was approved yesterday and has gone up after hours.


GPAQ is merging with Hall of Fame Village and with change to HOFV


Sorry still half asleep :man_facepalming::man_facepalming: Edited the above

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+1 for Lemonade (LMND). I like what their doing.

@Joey_Fantana Thanks for these!

@David @Martin @PeterA - friendly reminder on the above. Thanks



Lemonade & Accolade have been added.


Good stuff. Thanks for the swift response.

what about GRAF and MFAC please?


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Please can GRAF be added @David

It’s been asked to be added for a while now and we are missing out. Has jumped big today :frowning:

Lemonade doesn’t seem to have activated?

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IPOs don’t go live with the market. Usually some time later, need to keep your eyes peeled.

Presume they are preloading all the trades of preferential investors (Baillie Gifford I know is one) then it’ll go live.

I think sometimes they come on for about 12pm EST, which translates to 4pm GMT.
Not always, but I have seen it do this a few times.

So not too long to wait.


yes please add GRAF
@David @Team212

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Price alerts set. :smile:

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Your order BUY 4 LMND was rejected.

:crazy_face: Comeee onnnnnn :laughing:

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Too rich for my blood, $40, I think I’ll pass for now :laughing: