New IPOS going live TODAY (8th July)

Good morning @David @Martin @PeterA

The following IPOs are diarised for today;

NASDAQ:BLCT (Bluecity Holdings)
NASDAQ:TXAC (Therapeutics Acquisition)

For the SPAC-lovers, Therapeutics Acquisition are “targeting the biotech sector” .




Blue city holdings lol. Me nah want that in my
Portfolio :rofl::tired_face:

Also requesting thank you @David @Martin @PeterA

It seems like this is its only listing then?
So a non-USA registered company (in this case Chinese) can list in the Nasdaq without an ADR?

@David @Martin @PeterA - friendly reminder of the above.


What time will Blue city go on?

@David @Martin @PeterA

Markets now open - can you add urgently please?

Requesting too, thanks @David @Martin @PeterA


Unfortunately we will not be able to provide access to BlueCity Holdings Ltd. (BLCT) at this point, but Therapecutics Acquisition Corp. (TXAC) will be available, once the trading commences! :v:


Thanks @PeterA - is the date incorrect for Bluecity Holdings? I found conflicting information in the calendars that suggested possibly tomorrow?

On the official NASDAQ IPO Calendar, the expected date is indeed today 07/08/2020 - usually, the date is correct. I hope that it will be available for trading on our platform as well in the following weeks.

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Thanks I’ll keep an eye on the calendars tomorrow and see if the date gets updated.

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Bluecity Holdings is on now @David @Martin @PeterA please add asap thank you

already up 72%. Wow we missed another one.

Reckon that was anotehr Lemonade where the jump had already occured?

@Martin @PeterA @David now urgent. Thanks

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Sorry @PeterA need to bump this again as already missed. Thanks.

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@PeterA Hi Peter. Can you confirm why Bluecity Holdings couldn’t be added today? Thanks

We will not be increasing our ADR universe in the following weeks, until some technicalities are settled.

Hey @PeterA - was the issue with adding ADRs ever resolved?

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