New IPOs going live TODAY (Fri 15th Jan, '21)

Am I right in thinking HCIC will be available on the 20th?

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@David NYSE:TBA opened today, it doesn’t have warrants so it must be common stock. Can this be added? Thank you

I learnt something new today, I could place limit order in IB before IPO opened for trading, got PLTK at $33.89 (placed limit at $40)


I’ll add this on Monday if no response - apologies the IPO calendar denoted a U for units in the ticker.

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Should be available today I think, its trading on. [Yahoo Finance|HCIC](

Doesn’t appear on trading 212’s search just yet :frowning:

NYSE:TBA doesn’t appear to be on IBKR yet? :man_shrugging:

It is

Whatever search I do on Interactive Brokers Database it doesn’t show up anything to do with “TBA” or “Thoma Bravo Advantage” so no ideas? I’m not saying it’s not tradeable elsewhere, but we can’t get it on T212 until it shows up in IBKR …

It was on IBKR, I just searched for TBA.
:man_shrugging: No idea.

App vs. Website maybe…?

It’s weird.
I don’t know what IBKR does, but they don’t seem to give T212 access to everything.
I checked on their phone app and two AIM stocks were present, but when the team checked they did not appear for them to be added. A bit annoying, but probably not something we can do anything about.

We probably just have to wait until IB release the stock and make it available for T212 to add it.

Is there a post I can follow that updates when a new stock that has been requested has been added?

Would you please update your list to include this.
Far Point Acquisition Corporation (FPAC)

Dear David please add this SPAC in your earliest coneninece.
The common stock is already tradable

One of the largest SPAC still around NAV
FPAC Far Peak Acquisition Corporation Searching Fintech, Financial Services Thomas Farley (Chairman, Global Blue; Fmr President, NYSE) $600,000,000 $2,131,374,927 $10.38

Hey @adindas - I’ve got the shares and warrants separating on the 23rd. Are you saying they already have?

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I just saw it. The common share is already available for trading in Trading 212 now.

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Heard good things about Playtika, keen to invest, any advise on timing when to go in?

So you can place now? Is thus via desktop only?

Thank you for these news. :relieved:
Looking forward to discussing together.

Bitcoin Avenue team :grin:

Any idea when " NDAQ:BTNB (Bridgetown 2 Holdings Ltd) " will be going live? Or is there somewhere I can check?

Been trying to put it in a LIMIT order, for the value im willing to pay but keep getting
“trading with this instrument is temporarily suspended”. Dont want to miss the launch.