New IPOs going live TODAY (Fri 4th Sept)

Good morning @David @Martin @PeterA

The following IPOs are diarised for today;

LSE:KOO (Kooth Plc)
NASDAQ:BCTG (BCTG Acquisition)
NASDAQ:TOTA (Tottenham Acquisition I Limited) - common shares now available
NASDAQ:NFIN (Netfin Acquisition Corp.) - common shares now available
NYSE:KCAC (Kensington Capital Acquisition) - missed yesterday
NYSE:IPOC (Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings III) - missed yesterday
NYSE:SOAC (Sustainable Opportunities Acquisition) - missed yesterday
NYSE:JWS (Jaws Acquisition) - missed yesterday
NASDAQ:LOAC (Longevity Acquisition Corp) - missed yesterday

Would you mind adding to all platforms, including CFD, as soon as you can please?

There’s also the following SPAC IPOs however I shall request when an 8-K has been filed and common stock is available;

NASDAQ:CAPA.U (HighCape Capital Acquisition Corp) - 100m - Life Sciences
NASDAQ: ITAC.U (Industrial Tech Acquisitions) - 75m - Energy Tech
NYSE:TWND.U (Tailwind Acquisition) - 300m - Media/Marketing Tech
NASDAQ:BCAC.U (Brookline Capital Acquistion Corp) - 50m - Life Sciences

Cheers guys,



@David @Martin @PeterA

Reminder, please see the requests above

@David @Martin @PeterA - friendly reminder please.

@David @Martin @PeterA - second reminder please.


KCAC & IPOC are available now, I just checked.

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Missed out on KCAC thanks to the delay by T212…quite annoying and now have to wait for a correction…:roll_eyes:

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Oh get in there you big moan :wink: Average down later. It’ll turn over 100% in a matter of months.

I’m personally waiting for TOTA. High hopes for that one and a personal MS connection so well behind it.

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@David @Martin @PeterA - urgent reminder please.

lol yeah that’s what I’d usually do but I’ve now maxed out my ISA lol and have quite a few positions going. See how it goes :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah fair enough.
… … … …

@David @Martin @PeterA - urgent reminder please.

@Joey_Fantana :white_check_mark:


Tremendous, mate - big thanks for this one! :yellow_heart:


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