New IPOs going live TODAY (Wed 2nd Sept)

Good morning @David @Martin @PeterA

The following IPOs are diarised for today;

LSEAIM:KOO (Kooth Plc)
NASDAQ:TDAC (Trident Acquisitions Corp.) - common shares now available
NASDAQ:ERES (East Resources Acquisition) - missed yesterday
NYSE:BMRG (B. Riley Principal Merger Corp II) - missed yesterday
NYSE:FST (FAST Acquisition Corp) - missed yesterday
NASDAQ:LFAC (LF Capital Acquisition Corp) - missed yesterday
NASDAQ:NOVS (Novus Capital) - missed yesterday
NYSE:GIK (Gigcapital3 Inc) - missed yesterday

Would you mind adding to all platforms, including CFD, as soon as you can please?

There’s also the following SPAC IPO however I shall request when an 8-K has been filed and common stock is available;

NASDAQ:CMLF.U (CM Life Sciences) - 375m - Life Sciences

Cheers guys,



@David @Martin @PeterA - added the ticker for Kooth but still can’t see it on IB.

Can you validate please?


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@David @Martin @PeterA - urgent reminder, sorry.

Kooth is now live if you could add asap please.

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@David @Martin @PeterA
Could you please add Kooth? (Ticker KOO on the LSE)

It is already live and I would like to invest early to avoid any potential price surges.

@David @Martin @PeterA - another reminder, please.


Unfortunately, Interactive Brokers don’t offer it.

Okay, thank you for your reply @Martin.

Is it possible that they might add it over the next few days?

Most probably, they’ll add it.


Thanks @Martin. And the others in the list please?



:white_check_mark: NASDAQ:TDAC (Trident Acquisitions Corp.)
:yellow_square: NASDAQ:ERES (East Resources Acquisition) - No common stock listed yet
:white_check_mark: NYSE:BMRG (B. Riley Principal Merger Corp II)
:yellow_square: NYSE:FST (FAST Acquisition Corp) - No common stock listed yet
:white_check_mark: NASDAQ:LFAC (LF Capital Acquisition Corp)
:white_check_mark: NASDAQ:NOVS (Novus Capital)
:white_check_mark: NYSE:GIK (Gigcapital3 Inc)

Marked green will be also available briefly on our CFD platform


Lovely. Thanks Peter!

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Wrong thread for this. Search Planet 13 and you’ll find why it can’t be added.

I believe they are working on it.