New IPOs going live TODAY (Wed 16th Sept)

Top drawer mate. Thanks for adding. @AdrianUK :eyes: :frog:


I thought it could be trade on open market.

Price is up to 160 already???

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WoooOOOOooooW… How is that possible if it wasnt being trade?


Its showing $170 now

Unreal. Price jumped from expected offering of $85-90 to $100-110 before it was available and then to $120 yesterday and now is $170.

jheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez $175

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I’ll just leave this here…

Im out… waaayyyyyy to risk. Looks slow the value update too. I guess something is wrong.

Why can’t we trade CFD yet?

My order keep gettinf rejected. I think can’t make any profit out of it.

@Martin possible to update for fractional and CFDs as yet?

The ever prompt and punctual @Joey_Fantana lol thanks again!

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As I said something going wrong with it. Tried here too

Currently showing $185

Orders aren’t being rejected by us. The prices you are seeing are indicative that we get from a session that’s available only to brokers, banks, institutions, etc… We’ll have it available for trading the same second that mass trading begins & is available for everybody.

Will it be fractional?

Kinda of… have i delay to present it to the users. Anyway still been rejected. :sweat:

Now I am not even able to send any orders, let alone the rejection

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Me neither,by the time I can place a CDF the momentum will be gone