New IPOs goinglive TODAY (Thurs 21 Jan, '21)

Good morning @David @Martin @PeterA @Rumen

The following IPOs are diarised for today;

LSE:TGLD (Ridgex Investments Plc GPF Physical Gold ETC)
LSE:TPLT (Ridgex Investments Plc GPF Physical Platinum ETC)
LSE:TSLV (Ridgex Investments Plc GPF Physical Silver ETC)
LSE:TPAL (Ridgex Investments Plc GPF Physical Palladium ETC)
NYSE:MYTE (MYT Netherlands Parent B.V.)
NDAQ:DFH (Dream Finders Homes, Inc.)
NDAQ:RLX (RLX Technology)
NDAQ:VCVC (10X Capital Venture Acquisition Corp) - common shares now available
NDAQ:KINZ (KINS Technology Group Inc.) - common shares now available
NDAQ:NOAC (Natural Order Acquisition Corp.) - common shares now available

If possible please also make these fractional from the start.

I’ll request the following SPAC IPOs once common shares are available;

NDAQ:OSTR.U (Oyster Enterprises Acquisition)
NDAQ:PV.U (Primavera Capital Acquisition Corporation)

Cheers guys,


cc. @StockRed @jurajpe


@David @Martin @PeterA @Rumen - reminder, thanks.

@David @Martin @PeterA @Rumen - reminder, thanks.

@David @Rumen Please add today’s IPOs to CFD

@Joey_Fantana :white_check_mark:

KINZ & NOAC - still can’t see those two as common shares in BBG.


Thanks @David.

Those two are overdue. I’ll keep checking and raise with IBKR.


Please can you add the following:

NYSE:FPAC (Far Peak Acquisition Corp) - common shares now available

Might have to wait until tomorrow’s additions, but it’s definitely available on IBKR, which is a good start! :partying_face:


RLX looks interesting - pity it’s Invest only;

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@danchorman @mcwilliams91 :white_check_mark:


How do you know when exactly they go live? There is no alert I can set? Thanks


Joey when will we be able to buy shares in this?

Please add OTCMKTS: PLYZ

Not sure, mate. Possibly delayed the IPO or maybe the calendars had it wrong and it only priced today and the offering is tomorrow.

Suppose we’ll find out tomorrow.

@ashb did you check if it is penny stock exempt?

Also, I would suggest a brand new topic for this - the above is an IPO thread.

Hi guys where can I see the new IPO …??? And how can I buy…??? Any help please …???


To qualify as “Penny Stock Exempt” on the OTC Markets, an issuer must satisfy one of the following requirements: (i) the issuer’s securities have a minimum price greater than $5 per share; (ii) the issuer has average revenues of at least $6 million for the last three (3) years; or (iii) the issuer has net tangible assets exceeding $2 million, if the issuer has been in continuous operations for at least three (3) years or $5 million if less than three (3) years.

I dont think PLYZ fills any

It’s not Penny Stock Exempt and on top of that you have:
Delinquent SEC Reporting
This is how you lose your money.

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Hi @Wealth2021 - which IPO are you trying to buy?

You need to look out for someone from T212 responding to confirm they have added the IPO requests. Once that is done it’s just a matter of searching for the ticker on the app.

A few things to bear in mind;

  • Some will not be available in the ISA, due to being a foreign company, so if you’re not seeing it in ISA, check Invest also

  • If they are not showing immediately after confirmation, restart your app

  • If they still do not show restart your phone


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