New IPOs (kind of!) going live TODAY (Mon 3rd Aug)

Afternoon @David @PeterA @Martin

The following instrument is now available as common stock;

NASDAQ:DPHC (DiamondPeak Holdings Corp.)

Can you add to the platform today please?

For the SPAC/EV lovers, DiamondPeak Holdings Corp today announced with the filing of their 8-K that they will merge with EV manufacturer Lordstown Motors in Q4 this year.



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There it goes before anyone starts moaning… :smiley:

@Joey_Fantana :white_check_mark:


Magic - thank you, sir.

@rjb will be pleased too. :slight_smile:

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That’s great, thanks David!

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Coming back to more appetising levels as well

Just took a small position on this. Interested to see how things pan out :slightly_smiling_face:

Please add DPHC to the app, this stock will be very hot today:


Can someone please merge this with the below? Thanks

NOTE TO ALL: This has now been added.

What should buy DPHC or RIDE ?
I cannot see neither, even after log off and back on.

Restart your phone. Usually works for me.

DPHC is what you’re looking for. Ticker will change to RIDE when they merge.


thanks, I see it now on my iphone, was looking on desktop.

Hope it was everything everyone dreamed it would be. :slight_smile:

Have to wait till Q4 for the dream to be tested lol

Why Q4? Do they have a major milestone in Q4?

That’s when the merger will happen.


Thanks, I was looking for the answer to this.

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