New IPOs going live TODAY (Thurs 10th Sept)

Good morning @David @Martin @PeterA

The following IPOs are diarised for today;

NASDAQ:DFHT (Deerfield Healthcare Technology Acquisitions) - common shares now available
NASDAQ:MNCL (Monocle Acquisition Corp) - missed yesterday
NYSE:PSTH (Pershing Square Tontine Holdings) - missed yesterday*
NASDAQ:PACQ (Pure Acquisition Corp.) - missed yesterday
NASDAQ:GRNV (GreenVision Acquisition) - missed yesterday
NASDAQ:HECC (Hudson Executive Investment) - missed yesterday

Would you mind adding to all platforms, including CFD, as soon as you can please?

I’ll request the following SPAC IPOs once common stock is available;

NYSE:PIAI.U (Prime Impact Acquisition I) - 300m - Tech/Data
NASDAQ:SVAC.U (Starboard Value Acquisition) - 300m - TBC

Cheers guys,



@David @Martin @PeterA - gentle reminder please.


Have trading 212 added anything new recently?

I requested Albemarle as fractional, I share Nick and nothing :tired_face:

They’re working on fractionals every week and typically provide an update every Friday with new additions.

I didn’t see an message last Friday but maybe I missed it.

Would suggest you have a search for it or start a new topic asking if there are any tranches planned for this week.

@David @Martin @PeterA - second reminder please.


@David @Martin @PeterA - urgent reminder please.

PSTH seems to be available

Added all EQs that are available.

Can’t find common shares for DFHT & HECC, yet. CFDs will be up & running later.


And I share Nick or Albemarle and $CSU? :sweat_smile:

Magic, @David, thanks for that.

Still not tradable :man_facepalming:t2:

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Guessing the comments yesterday were right and perhaps Friday is the day.

@David any ideas?

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Anu updates on PSTH? Can’t seem to find it.

@investor12321 We’ve hidden it until the common stock actually goes live since leaving it in this untradeable state seems to be causing an incredible amount of confusion.

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Hi @David isn’t PSTH it live right now? Today was meant to be when the units separate

Not my screengrab but this is TDAmeritrade showing PSTH/U turned into PSTH and PSTH/WS

We’ve just enabled PSTH!