New SPAC ‘SRNGU’ add ASAP pls

Soaring Eagle Acquisition Corp. (SRNGU), a special purpose acquisition company launched by the team that took Draftkings and Skillz and other companies public, started trading on the Nasdaq today following a $1.5B IPO.

SNRGU - Spinning Eagle Acquisition Corp.

Ticker is SRNG and you have to wait 52 days for the shares from when the SPAC IPOs with the units.

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Could you add SRNGU.please, it is the next SPAC from the people who brought DKNG and SKLZ public, great team and sitting in $1.5billion

@JCanavan96 Please find your answer above. I’ve moved your posture to save duplicates. If you could try and use the forum Search first, it really helps, thanks! :upside_down_face:

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Western Copper and Gold Corp - WRN
Taseko Mines Ltd - TGB
Soaring Eagle Acquisition Corp - SRNGU

+1 - would love to have SRNGU (great for my SPAC portfolio).

I would also like SRNGU within the ISA account

SRNGU is a unit, you’ll have to wait for it to split.

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Please add SRNG as soon as possible. SRNGU already out.
The team behind SKILLZ and DRAFTKINGS and bound to be one of the biggest SPACS of the year.
Many thanks


Company: Soaring Eagle Acquisition Corp.
Symbol: SRNG
Date: 2021-04-18

The separate trading of warrants and shares typically begins 52 days after the SPAC initially goes public, or sometimes earlier/later as announced by the SPAC.

Can you please add the following as soon as possible please?

SRNGU - Soaring Eagle Acquisition (this is a SPAC)

Same SPAC that listed Draftkings and Skills


to summarize in 2 points:

  1. SRNGU is not the ticker, it is SRNG.U which means it still has units attached and cannot be added until the units are split from the common stock. It will be listed under SRNG.
  2. There are multiple topics about this stock that can be found by using the search function in which I am merging this topic.
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