Post-IPO and pre-LOI/business combination SPACs

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Please see the following post for the list of post-unit split SPACs. Those with and without merger targets and also those that have completed their business combination.

Below is a list of post-IPO, pre-unit split SPACS and those in transition onto the platform.

Common Shares available - not yet showing on IBKR
NDAQ:ATVC (Tribe Capital Growth Corp I) - 200m - Growth
NDAQ:EBAC (European Biotech Acquisition Corp.) - 100m - Life Sciences/Europe
NDAQ:KSI (Kadem Sustainable Impact Corporation) - 175m - EV/Energy Storage/Mobility Tech
NDAQ:GGMC (Glenfarne Merger Corp) - 250m - Renewable Energy
NDAQ:GLSP (Global SPAC Partners Co.) - 200m - Infrastructure/Utilities

Not currently available as Common Shares on IBKR
NDAQ:ARKI.U (Ark Global Acquisition)
NYSE:ROSS.U (Ross Acquisition Corp II) - 300m - Industrials
NDAQ:GLHA.U (Glass Houses Acquisition) - 200m - Industrial Tech
NDAQ:AFAQ.U (AF Acquisition Corp.) - 200m - Food and Beverage/Healthcare/Wellness & Beauty/ Pet and Personal Care
NDAQ:AVAC.U (Avalon Acquisition Inc.) - 200m - FinServs/FinTech/Tech/Alt Asset Mgmt/ Logistics/Insurance
NDAQ:FMIV.U (Forum Merger IV) - 300m - TBC
NDAQ:ACTD.U (ArcLight Clean Transition Corp. II) - 250m - Green Energy
NDAQ:DGN.U (Dragoneer Growth Opportunities Corp. III)
NYSE:ADF.U (Aldel Financial Inc.) - 200m - TBC
NDAQ:GLEE.U (Gladstone Acquisition Corp) - 100m - Farming/Agriculture
NYSE:CICX.U (Capitol Investment Corp. VI) - 200m - TBC
NYSE:CIC.U (Capitol Investment Corp. VII) - 400m - TBC
NDAQ:GGPI.U (Gores Guggenheim, Inc.) - 750m - TBC
NDAQ:LEGA.U (Lead Edge Growth Opportunities, Ltd) - 300m - Software/Internet/Tech
NYSE:OPA.U (Magnum Opus Acquisition Limited) - 200m - Consumer/Tech/Media
NDAQ:NGCA.U (NextGen Acquisition Corp. II) - 350m - Industrial/Tech/Healthcare
NYSE:NGC.U (Northern Genesis Acquisition Corp. III) - 150m - Sustainability
NYSE:RKTA.U (Rocket Internet Growth Opportunities Corp.) - 250m - Tech
NYSE:STRE.U (Supernova Partners Acquisition Company III) - 250m - Internet/Consumer/Media
NYSE:VGII.U (Virgin Group Acquisition Corp. II) - 330m - Consumer
NDAQ:TBSA.U (TB SA Acquisition Corp.) - 200m - ESG/Africa
NDAQ:DISA.U (Disruptive Acquisition Corp. I) - 250m - Health & Wellness/Entertainment/ Consumer-facing technology
NDAQ:CALQ.U (Callodine Acquisition Corporation) - 250m - Asset Mgmt
NDAQ:CRZN.U (Corazon Capital V838 Monoceros Corp) - 200m - Consumer Tech
NDAQ:DCRC.U (Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corporation III) - 350m - TBC
NDAQ:ALPA.U (Alpha Healthcare Acquisition Corp. III) - 150m - Healthcare
NDAQ:AMCI.U (AMCI Acquisition Corp. II) - 175m - Sustainability
NYSE:CORS.U (Corsair Partnering Corp.) - 350m - FinServ/BusServ
NDAQ:LCAH.U (Landcadia Holdings IV, Inc.) - 500m - Consumer/Hospitality/Entertainment/ Gaming/Tech
NDAQ:BLNG.U (Belong Acquisition Corp.) - 150m - Tech/eCommerce
NDAQ:SAMA.U (Schultze Special Purpose Acquisition Corp. II) - 200m - TBC
NDAQ:GFLD.U (Gefen Landa Acquisition Corp.) - 250m - Israeli Tech/Disruption
NDAQ:MSDA.U (MSD Acquisition Corp.) - 500m - Sustainable TMT
NYSE:CICX.U (Capitol Investment Corp VI) - 200m - TBC
NYSE:CIC.U (Capitol Investment Corp VII) - 400m - TBC
NDAQ:AACO.U (Advancit Acquisition Corp. I) - 350m - Media/Tech
NDAQ:RMGD.U (RMG Acquisition Corp. IV) - 275m - TBC
NDAQ:QWNB.U (Queen’s Gambit Growth Capital II) - 300m - Sustainability
NDAQ:ACBA.U (Ace Global Business Acquisition Ltd) - 40m - APAC Gaming/eCommerce
NDAQ:PANA (Panacea Acquisition Corp. II) - 150m - BioTech
NDAQ:CNAQ.U (Chardan Nextech Acquisition Corp.) - 200m - HealthTech/FinTech
NDAQ:BSKY.U (Big Sky Growth Partners, Inc.) - 300m - eCommerce/DTC
NDAQ:CMLT.U (CM Life Sciences III Inc.) - 400m - Life Sciences
NDAQ:MPAC.U (Model Performance Acquisition Corp.) - 50m - Growth/Asia
NDAQ:TIOA.U (Tio Tech) - 300m - Europe Tech
NDAQ:ARTA.U (Artisan Acquisition Corp. Units) - 300m - China Healthcare/Consumer/Tech
NYSE:ADF.U (Aldel Financial Inc.) - 100m - TBC
NDAQ:VLAT.U (Valor Latitude Acquisition Corp.) - 200m - Latin America/Tech
NDAQ:VEMC.U (Velocity Merger Corp.) - 250m - FinTech
NDAQ:MAQC.U (Maquia Capital Acquisition Corporation) - 160m - Tech
NYSE:IACC.U (ION Acquisition Corp 3 Ltd.) - 220m - Israel
NYSE:POND.U (Angel Pond Holdings Corp.) - 300m - China/e-Commerce/Tech/Cloud computing/FinTech
NDAQ:BRIV.U (B. Riley Principal 250 Merger Corp.) - 150m - TBC
NDAQ:DKDC.U (Data Knights Acquisition Corp.) - 100m - Data Centers/Internet Tech

Thanks again for any help you can provide with the above, and for the work on the app generally; really enjoy it.

EDIT (20/08/20): I’ve cleaned up the above list and will try to maintain ongoing – JOE


Christ, mate, you planning to jump on all of these?!


“Spaculation” - love it lol :joy:


I’d def be up for having more Spac’s on T212!


In terms of deadlines, they span a couple of years, so it’s possible I’d be in all of them at some point (as punts on LOI/mergers being announced soon), but even I am not strange enough to be in all of them at one single point.

Well, maybe I am. Maybe T212 are protecting me from myself! It’s a big ask, so not expecting it to be done quickly, but does seem as though 2020 is continuing and even growing the dawn of the reborn SPAC so I’d anticipate some demand for these if added.


They all could be interesting, particularly the Cyber security, Green Energy and the Indian one.


HYAC updated following LOI.


Cross-reference with IB complete and updated above.


Fair play Arron, nice list and thank you for taking the time to put this together. :+1:


Another update today: FVAC have signed a LOI :fountain_pen:


@Arron Would you mind adding PSAC to your list? It’s due to IPO next week (I think) in unit form, by way of a reminder! :grin:


My list (because it started out as something a little more selfish/to my taste) excluded things in certain sectors I was less interested in (I detail the ‘parameters’ in the first post) so there’s actually quite a few post-IPO-but-pre-LOI SPACs omitted from the list.

So PSAC would not technically have made it given its target area sitting in real estate (albeit, I have a niche for proptech so it could make it in on that angle, similar to PTAC) but also because it’s not technically IPO’d yet.

All of that said, given the vogue these are whipping up, I’ll commit to making it an exhaustive list (of course, would still welcome others to review and point out any I miss) of all SPACs that are at least listed, but before LOI. I’ll then continue to check against IB for the common class becoming available, and also check against SEC filings for LOI announcements.

The idea here is to help get ahead of LOI hype for SPACs you’re sympathetic to the target area/capital amount/management team of. I won’t remove those that do announce intentions to merge, as they may be ones we’d like to see prioritised; I’ll just update the post as I have done above.

TL;DR: the list is (was purposefully) incomplete but I’ll overhaul it and add missing ones, including PSAC once it officially debuts (in unit form first, no doubt).


I would love to get IBOB & IBOP

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Intentions updated: TZAC

Rumours of discussions added: CCX

Unit SPACs (previously on T212 but now awaiting common shares) added: KCAC, FUSE, GSAH

New IPOs added: DFHT, HPX, PSAC, PSTH (awaiting common on IBKR)

Other: WPF added to list as still suspended on T212 but common now on IBKR. JWS added as either missed previously or was on T212 previously (can’t recall!).


I’ll add WPF to my IPO message tomorrow. Cheers @Arron.


Spot on @Joey_Fantana, thanks


when i will be able to trade PSTH ?
Any thoughts? First IPO trading

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Forgot all about this. Have set a reminder for Monday.

After a SPAC IPOs the common stocks become typically available 52 days after the IPO. Usually they would release an 8-K containing an audited balance sheet reflecting the receipt of the gross proceeds from the IPO. After the 8-K is released the common stock becomes available. You can read up more on the following site:

So for PSTH this will be around mid september.

Hope this helps!


@Arron, a new IPO today - ACE Convergence Acquisition (ACEV.U).

Not requesting fopr obvious reasons, but one to track above.