Upcoming IPOs (User-generated)

If T212 doesn’t have this as a high priority, could you at least provide a page/table that allows us, the users to add upcoming IPOs? Posting in threads is very messy, and they’re not organised in any kind of order.

It could just simply be a blank page, where users can add (and admins can remove/manage) upcoming IPOs.

Just a simple table with these columns: Ticker, Stock name, Exchange, Sector, IPO Price, IPO Date.
Anything else you consider neccessary. (Oh, maybe another column which says if the stock has been added or not added to T212 yet—a simple Yes/No, or check/X mark will do).

Also, could you make it so that if we click on any of the headers (listed above) you can order the list of stocks (ascending/descending) by that column?

This will also help @Team212 keep track of whcih IPOs users are requesting to be added, and the when the IPOs will go live.

Thanks a lot!


@Joey_Fantana does an IPO post every day and has done for a long time now, the 212 team respond on the thread with what is added - example: New IPOs going live TODAY (Fri 12th Feb, '21)

Is this not what you are requesting?

Thank you, Ryan.

I’ve seen that but it’s very messy.

One person requests some stocks, a T212 posts a reply in the middle of the thread, then another update further down, and another further down the page.

It would’ve been nice to just have all the stocks in a neat table where you can see exactly if something’s been done, or not, what can or cannot be added, etc.

It feels like I gotta dig a lot of this info every time I’m looking for it, and I thought it would be more efficient to just have them all in one place, and to update the same table, instead of having to read thread after thread to find out if and/or when a stock will be added.

I don’t know. If I’m asking for too much, ignore me. Just thought it was helpful. :blush:

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Ah I get what you mean now!

Personally I think what is in place at the moment works ok, a table/spreadsheet that everyone can contribute to would probably amount to more work than Joey producing his single thread every morning. I can see how the thread sometimes gets messy as other users highjack it but I doubt the way IPOs get added will change anytime soon. Previously we just had a mass of users spamming the team in their IPO requests, all on different threads, often not providing the correct details or checking for PSE status or sometimes had the IPO date completely wrong. If we used a table/spreadsheet that everyone could contribute to we would probably see a repeat of that, admins would have to spend time going through it and checking everything was correct each day.

Sure, that makes total sense.
But what if I think there’s this cool IPO that I want to get in on? If I comment on the thread, my comment will be lost amongst the other tens of replies.

I don’t know. If the current system works for everybody else, it’s all good. :grin:

Well hopefully Joey won’t miss any IPO going live that day, I don’t think he does miss any often :grimacing:

But maybe if there is a smaller one you think he might miss somehow you could mention it to him a day or two before? Although maybe worth checking that with him, don’t want to be responsible for his already flooded DMs becoming worse :rofl:

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I don’t miss…

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Okay that’s a lie but on the few occasions one slips by me, another vigilant user has been kind enough to give me a nudge and I get it sorted.

@ViorelBoeru - I have no idea why so many people comment in the IPO posts with their own requests. I really don’t. It makes no sense and only shows how little people read things.

But that includes UPCOMING IPOs. In the comments of one of these posts isn’t the place to request them. If you’re worried about an IPO you’re interested in coming up and being missed, create a separate post for it and tag me in the body of it somewhere. Chances are I’m aware… but you never know. :+1:t2: