New stocks for this week?

Hi guys, will we be getting 200 new stocks added this week?

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the next release is going to be fractionals to existing stocks rather than new stocks.

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That works for me too, thanks for the info :slight_smile:

with many beta-users of the investment Pie’s it will be interesting to see which shares are made fractional :slight_smile: activity may just step up a notch as a result of this xD

I’m hoping for the ECAR etf personally, so fingers crossed!

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I was under the impression they planned to alternate each week between enabling more fractionals and adding new stocks.

Really wanted this one this week:

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I believe that’s how it is Alpha, but last I was aware we just had 2 rounds of new stocks so fractionals would be this next release and then some more stocks.

Last week should of been fractions and this week should be new stocks. But no confirmation that I have read to confirm stock fractions have been changed last week.
Should of been alternating from last week as I asked the question to @David and reply further down was fractions last week due to Pies release and new stocks this week.

Any confirmation @Team212 what’s happening with new stocks?

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Please make WSML fractional

I think they are busy enough with issues with CFD which appeared this week so maybe this week we won’t have neither new shares nor fractionals which is quite understandable assuming amount of work needed to repair the issue

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I think this is likely…
Regardless of when they release the new shares or the new fractionals, I really hope that they let us know what it is and which stocks are added or made fractional, there are quite a few of my stocks otherwise I may not realise that they have been made fractional as I have already created my pies.

You should enable the fractional icon in the app. Then you can check your watchlist and see if it has been made fractional. You’ll see a little blue “F” on the symbol.


I forgot about the symbol. It already appears on my watchlist :slight_smile:.

Very Frustrating when a footsie stock like Smurfit Kappa isn’t available…yet many obscure USA stocks available

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You will still see the stocks being fractional in your list of investments outside of the pie

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@Omeralp78 I am not part of the Team and so cannot help you there. please keep requests in the request section and not in these other categories. thanks.

@piper demand and supply I’m afraid. many people in the community show interest in these obscure companies likely as they are speculating on their growth potential. being big and in a list isn’t enough to assume popularity, I doubt most people here invest in the majority of the topxxx companies. especially when you consider the percentage of wealth for the topxxx that’s determined solely by the top5. make the request if you haven’t already and it will come, for now see if you can put the money to better use else where :man_shrugging: