WisdomTree Cloud Computing ETF (WCLD) - Request

Please add this amazing ETF in Trading 212!


Yes, yes and yes, please! <0.45% expense ratio and has a KID: https://www.wisdomtree.eu/en-gb/-/media/eu-media-files/key-documents/kiids/wt/kiid-en-wisdomtree-cloud-computing-ucits-etf--usd-acc.pdf

Latest holdings:


This ETF should be added in trade212


I second that pls add this ETF ASAP!!!

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+1 Essential holding for the future

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Yes please

+1 and more characters

I think t212 team has been mostly focusing on stocks last three weeks, very few if any ETFs has been added and recently they stated they will focus on making all stocks fractional for the autopie feature so I doubt (m)any ETFs will be added in the nearby future.

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:crossed_fingers: they make this an exception and I saw a few Vanguard ETFs added in the last batch so not out of the realm of possibility to have this popular request added

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