New T&C's - am I mistaken - share lending

Just read part of the new T&C’s
“You hereby agree that all proceeds paid by the Borrower in excess and on top of the aforementioned collateral shall not be related to Your shares but rather to Trading 212’s engagement in a securities financing transaction, hence will be due to Trading 212 and Trading 212 only.”

So this means that share lent, T212 get the interest on the collateral and not the share-holder.
I’d happily pay a sub to use T212 as a proper broker. Lending shares should attract interest to the lender when entering a yield enhancement option like this.
And I love the way I cannot opt out. ??
What’s that about.

It isn’t particularly new - it has been part of the T&Cs for a while though IIRC it was updated recently.

Seems pretty reasonable that T212 should be able to derive income from share lending given that we get free share dealing and ISAs.

Mmmm…I suppose. I’d have no problem if we had the ability to short actual shares rather than going the CFD route. I think this is/should be T212’s longer term plan, to be a superb stock broker. If they provide commission free stuff, then I wouldn’t mind the income they may scrape from lending out my shares.
If they added some bonds etc, they would be market leader in the retail space.
I do like the ease of use with T212 in terms of timely withdrawls and ease of deposits.

Perhaps I have been too harsh.

Hi shall this apply for ISA account or only for Invest account?

Only invest, not possible for them to do in an ISA account

Hi thank you, just wondering then how does ISA working without lending ? Is trading212 act as an broker?