New tab behaviour / max 9 charts

The 9-tab limit is a real pain when browsing stocks: what should be a simple, single click turns into clicking Open Chart, getting the “You can open up to 9 chart windows” warning, closing a tab, then clicking Open Chart again. Not a great UX.

Can there be a Settings option to define how the user wants Open Chart to behave when there are already 9 charts open, with the options:

  • Don’t open new chart [current 212 behaviour]
  • Replace current chart [replaces currently active chart with the new one]
  • Replace chart 9 [always replaces chart 9 with the new chart, and switches to that chart if it’s not the currently selected chart already]

If you want to be smart, you could also have a “Revert to previous chart” button available when a chart was replaced, just in case the user didn’t intend for that chart to be replaced.


Id love to just be able to have as many as needed.


I support this suggestion