New ticker for otc market - please


UAS Drone Corp.

It’s not Penny Stock Exempt so they won’t add it

Nice one for reaching out, where does it say it wouldn’t be Exempt?

It doesn’t in any document occasionally a staff member will respond to say that’s the case.

If you are bored there’s this relevant thread.

My understanding is they added a few non PSE, then realised they were going to have extra regulatory scrutiny, so made up that they just lost their status as a reason for removing the buy button rather than it was a mistake. Technically they can have them, but I can see why they don’t want the bother.

I’m now bumping the thread with Kermit the frogs but I still don’t think they’ll comment as they would probably need to admit it was a mistake, and then come up with a reason for the status change reason. And Reddit/Twitter might explode.

And on that link it would appear here if it had it