New UK ISA rules?


  1. Are the new ISA rules effective this April. Does it mean I can hold as many ssisa as I want so long as keep within my limit

  2. Does anyone know if the new ISA rules allow customers to convert their gia to an ISA without having to cash out?



  1. Yes, starting from the new tax year (06/04/2024), you will be able to contribute to more than one S&S ISA.

  2. Invest to ISA transfers always involve selling assets, as GIAs are not tax-exempt. You would need to realize profits or losses before buying back into an ISA.


Great! It’s a shame the govt didn’t look into going from gia to isa

Is there a way to copy and paste pies from gia to isa so I don’t have to create from scratch

You can make the Pie public and copy it from the Pie Library :pie:

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Only you would be able to perform the tax liability calculation as you may be able to offset losses from another platform when transferring your assets in and crystallising any gains.