Bed and isa. Transfer from gia to isa

Hi. @Bogi.H or or other guys

I’m in the UK. I want to cash out my GIA invest account on t212 and get this into a t212 ISA next tax year .

  1. What is the easier way to cash out out of invest and the transfers that into the the ISA

  2. How can I export a pie to the ISA as I want to use an invest pie for the ISA

Its really simple - you need to sell your assets in your GIA, transfer the cash into your ISA, then invest.

Depending on the gains - you might have capital gains tax, so you could sell some in the current tax year depending on what you have utilised, and some in the new tax year to minimise tax liability.

Thanks very much. Great response.

Is this all seamless in the app. Transfer money from gia to isa?

Yes, you need to instruct the cash transfer but all in app.