New User Help Please

Hi I am new to this and have a portfolio setup and have made some profits on Ai recently.
My question is do I take the profits now or leave them to build further…if I withdraw the profit does the value of my shares reduce also ?
Im also lost with rebalancing as lost time i tried this i lost money so am usure how the best way to rebalance is.

I apologise if this is posted incorrectly in advance.

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Hi David, I am another T212 user - not an employee, but I will try to reply.

The only way of “withdrawing profits” is by selling all or part of your shares. You don’t have profits, you just have shares that are worth more in the market than when you bought them / invested (the same is true with a loss, you only cristalise a loss when selling).

The only exception I believe is if there is any spare cash in any of the pies, which could be from say dividends received.

It is a bit like saying, you have bought 10 identical houses, if the value of the houses goes up and you want to “retrieve money” you have to sell some or all of the houses.

In terms of when to sell, what to buy or things like that, I cannot give you any advice as I am NOT a financial advisor.

Hopefully my post explains it a bit :slight_smile: .

If anyone else can explain it better, please do.

Hi and thankyou. I just wanted to know if its better to sell as the shares have gone up or hold them further but I guess thats something I have to decide !!!

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Legend! :cowboy_hat_face:

Mate, I suggest you research the topic “trading vs investing”, it would definitely be helpful in your case.

Hint: most of us here are investors, not traders.


Well to be fair their not called Investing212. :grin:


I like the sound of Investing212. Sounds mature. :wink:

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