Lost newbie needs help to start

hello everyone. I am new to this platform and have a few questions but not sure who can help.
When i deposit my money and make a profit and want to withdraw, do i always have to sell my stocks?, can i not just withdraw my profits only?

if you don’t sell your stocks, you haven’t made a profit as your gains are still unrealised.

Sorry, just to understand what you have said… you said if i have made gains i only withdraw the gains and i dont have to sell my stocks?

No, he was saying that you will have gains once the stock is sold.

Until you sell you just see what is the profit/loss compared to the moment you bought.

Think of it as an asset. So if we say you buy a pair of vintage Nike trainers for $40

I think they’re now worth $50 and offer you for them.

If you don’t want to sell the trainers, I wont give you $10 just in case, you’d have to sell me the trainers to realise that profit.


ooh okay, thank you all, I now understand :slight_smile: