Taxes on overseas stocks

I live in the uk but i bought some overseas stocks like apple tesla when i sold them i had profits do i need to pay taxes to us i sold pls help

No. There are no taxes due to the US.

Capital gains are taxed by the residence of the taxpayer. So you may owe tax to HMRC.

If you have had Apple dividends then there will have been US withholding tax.


So if i received dividend of us stock trading 212 take tax automatically or do ineed to do it myself

No. Depending on your income level you may owe tax to HMRC and must organise to calculate this and pay it yourself. Explanation is given here

So the divindes rules work same as uk stocks thats wht u trying to say

Yes, excepting that you can take a foreign tax credit for US withholding tax to reduce your UK tax.

Ok tnx for ur help mate really appreciate it have a good day mate