Newbie strategy

Hi all,

Put a few posts out there and most people are so helpful. I’m not enquiring about stock picks here, just some advice on starting out.

I’ve basically started out with a diversified pie with around 20 companies in, the usual kind of suspects from various sectors.

My intention is to deposit a small amount, around 250ish into this monthly for a year or so solely and maintain the investment over a long period of time.

During the course of the year I just want to dedicate my time to learning and reading etc and just leaving the pie alone.

What are good book recommendations for a starter?

Do people generally mix trading strategy’s of hold for long periods of time?

Just looking for some general advice and guidance if anyone can help!

Thanks guys/gals.

The intelligent investor by Benjamin graham will be a good starting education

There isn’t much to learn about investing nowadays (in my opinion). Retail investors are usually better off buying popular ETFs with small fees (ex: iShares SP500 at 0.07%). It’s the easiest way to diversify and make a decent profit.
Reading books recommended by Warren Buffett or any other old school investor won’t help you much in the age of digital speculation and low interest rates. It’s just another world.
If you want to trade, learn price action. It’s pretty much all there is to know.
Again, just my opinion :slight_smile: