Hello ! New to this what’s the best way to learn?

Hello seen this on an add and decided to give it a go! , well I’ve obviously opened a practice account and I’m seeing tons of little brand icons , what do I need to do ? I really would like to learn and teach myself thanks is there any books out there for beginners thanks


It’s seems you’ve got the WHY to invest which is great, I have lots of videos on that. But clearly you have no idea how it all works and that’s perfectly fine. Best place to start is broad index funds for sure, you don’t even need a practice account to do this, just jump right in and start putting money in on a regular basis! Best to get started as soon as possible.
Here’s my video on the topic and I really hope it helps a little:

My inbox is always open on here and on Instagram (@cavanhaganinvesting) so feel to ask me any questions you might have :slight_smile:

Lots of other great YouTubers too, if you’re into YouTube. If you’d like a list of them just let me know also.

And this forum is also very helpful, so search around on here and ask any questions you want answered. You won’t regret joining :blush:

I would say investing is good but you need to know your risk before you start investing, would you be comfortable to watch your stocks make a loss for the first 3 months and then start to gain. I would look into what you want to achieve from investing and also have a plan in mind. You could possibly read A Simple path to Wealth! Good read and good details.

Reading around the subject helps, even if it’s just getting into the habit of skimming the FT, Economist, WSJ, Barron’s etc rather than books. The passive investing section on monevator.com is well worth a read too, I think it provides a sound starting point. In terms of books, Investing Demystified by Lars Kroijer and Tim Hale’s Smarter Investing are often recommended.

Bravo on coming in and asking the right first question.

Firstly I’ll ask what you’re looking to achieve. Are you investing or trading for a start?

And as a starting place, I’d recommend you take a look at T212’s YouTube channel and work your way through their guides.