News feeds page

It would be great to have a whole page dedicated to stocks you follow for news feeds. This way there would be a central locations where you can scroll through the latest news for all the stocks you follow.

Don’t think this already exists as I can’t find it, if I’m wrong let me know. If not would be a great feature

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We recently introduced a ‘News’ section in the mobile app. Make sure to update your app, and you’ll see the most recent market news on your Home screen :newspaper:

You can also access news directly from the instrument’s page.

Lastly, you can join communities related to the stocks you’re interested in or follow the news section within the in-app Social feature to stay updated with news shared by fellow users.

If you have something else in mind, let me know :pray:

Am i missing something or im not able to see the news from my watchlist only? I may be interested in overall market news too, but i would be primarily interested in my watchlist.

You can go to your watchlist, click on a specific stock, and you’ll see the ‘News’ section just below the chart. You can tap on ‘View all’ to see relevant news about the company.

I know @Bogi.H but there may be people ugh… that hase 60 stocks to track :slight_smile: Just one tab at the beginning Market news vs Watched news maybe?

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I get your point :fist_right: :fist_left: We’ll consider the suggestion.


@Bogi.H, is there a reason that some stocks/ETFs don’t have a news page/section? Is it just because no one has posted news for that asset? If so, would posting something with that ticker automatically create a news page/section for that asset?

We provide a wide range of news articles related to different instruments based on the information we receive from our provider.

We also host a ‘News’ community within our in-app Social feature, where you can explore articles shared by fellow investors or contribute articles you find interesting.

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Thanks Bogi. I’m aware of the news community. My point was more that some stocks/ETFs don’t have anything on their page. For example Apple has both a News and Social section:

VUAG has only a Social section (no News):

NATO has neither:

I appreciate that your news provider probably doesn’t provide news for every single asset on the stock market, but it would be good if community posts tagged with the asset ticket (e.g. $AAPL or $NATO) could dynamically appear on that asset’s page.