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It would be great if you could add a (live) news feed for individually stocks or just a general aggregated news with search function. I would recommend the Benzinga Pro newsfeed as it’s the best out there & used by the top US trading apps but there are alternatives like zacks or seeking alpha.

this would take T212 to the next level as no one is doing this (well) in the uk.


Benzinga is only worth if option alerts are included, which I believe is a paid extra even on top of pro package

opinion pieces from seeking alpha are a bit hit and miss, but most of their writers are ok. zacks on the other hand is utter garbage and you’d do yourself a favour and save money if you remove even their free articles from your feeds. (which are auto generated)

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I’ve been using it for fda approvals, analyst upgrades downgrades & earnings. They are one of the fastest out there. seeking alpha is a bit tricky to navigate but I stick to the factual stuff

What do you think of morning star, WSJ or bloomberg?

A disclaimer, I haven’t used paid premium subscriptions of most of these, except Zacks (And a few friends who live on trading floor for a living can’t help but laugh at Zacks and their index)

from my feed I have blocked Zacks, Simply Wall Street, Insider monkey completely. They mainly produce “auto generated” articles anyway. Which means they have text template articles and They read numbers for any random given stock and produce an “article”
An example: Even has a disclaimer in bottom saying “this article is general in nature” Their paid interface give very little addition to free screeners around the web. (The distro graph looks nice at first than you realise its not very helpful about “finding” things or deciding actions.)

I have also removed Financial Times, simply because they provide a sentence or two about from an article and show you the paywall.

Seeking alpha (although like 50% premium) Motley Fool have good articles and I find GlobeNewsWire to be fast and accurate about news.

Benzinga is on a different level to all these tho. May be I am biased because I used to have access to their enterprise subscription with my old company and it was fastest most accurate and covered a lot more than any other source. Persoanlly I’ll need their Essential package + options activity which is like $177+++ per month which is a tad bit overkill for someone like me :slight_smile:

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