Penny stocks with quick potential

I’ve been doing some research folks for good stocks with a lot of potential and, found these two that are primed to fire!!


I won’t get into the nitty gritty about them but, both have a very real chance of 2x their value in a short space of time :slight_smile:


Here’s my BNGO prediction.

Actually that’s being harsh more like this


BNGO has just developed a huge breakthrough in an autistic treatment that is worth multi billions

I’m interested in the nitty gritty. Why do you think these are going to pop? I agree with phil that the BNGO price will only drop but I can’t see much interesting info on GHSI.

To who? I don’t mean to be brutal but their target market is a fairly limited. Unless it gets NICE approved

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Where your money is involved you have to be brutal so totally get what your saying. Have a read above :slight_smile:

Interesting thanks. I still agree that BNGO has reached its peak for now but GHSI could be OK for 2021.

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Based on the XSPA template above.

I have BNGO going towards 4 today and then a small bounce back towards 5.

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I’m holding it anyway as down 8% at moment with pm trading

Here’s that bounce :wink:

2.5 next stop :thinking:

200 shares in BNGO currently up 5%

1500 shares in GHSI currently up 51.70%

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GHSI has gone nuts, did you take profits at 1?

I might have jumped into 1k shares on GHSI yesterday haha

I think I’ll grab popcorn, a lot of sellers block 0.96

Yeah not getting by

Here comes the rug pull to 0.85

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And pulled! Let’s see if that 0.85 buyer wall disappears.

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I was outside playing with my small fella came in seen where it’s at :joy: had bought another 500 at $0.80 so although still up not up that % but happy to hold

I find that’s always the way life getting in the way :sweat_smile:

I actually stopped trying to pretend to be a day trader as it’s too hard with family life and work.

0.53 would be my guess where it goes.

I thought my missus was a scud :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: lol between her, the kids and yourself I’ve ended up a bag of air today :joy:

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Hey wheres this level 2 from? Like what platform?