No Nio on the ISA list?

I’m currently setting up a pie in the ISA side of trading 212 and I’m trying to copy my pie from the invest side.

I’ve noticed that Nio Inc is not listed. Is there any reason for this, that I’ve missed?

To be ISA eligible stocks need to meet certain criteria and unfortunately NIO doesn’t qualify. I think in their case it’s to do with the fact that the company’s primary listing is on one of the Chinese exchanges.


Right, thanks for the explanation. That makes sense :slightly_smiling_face:

Fun fact: Historically T212 had NIO listed under ISA but it was a ballsup in wrongly allowing people to buy within an ISA.


GraniteShares NIO 3x ETP is eligible to ISA… but it is a leveraged poduct.

Was there not talk before of getting a NIO 1x ETP for ISAs?

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Offering NIO 1x for ISA is something we are exploring at GraniteShares