No SEGA Sammy Shares?

I find it funny that you can buy stocks into Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft but not SEGA who made Consoles as well?

Could this be added? Would love to own some shares in a Legendary Company!!!

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its only on the Tokyo stock exchange though isn’t it? T212 don’t have access to it, and I don’t think theres a euro version of TYO: 6460

NTO is the euro version of Nintendo (TYO: 7974)

SNE is SONY which is fine on the NYSE

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Welcome! This brings back some fond childhood memories of the first Fifa on the ol’ Mega Drive.

As @phildawson says, unfortunately, it’s unlikely to be added anytime soon because T212 doesn’t offer access to the Tokyo stock exchange. But who knows? Maybe it will some day.

I’d be interested to know what sort of shape the company’s in nowadays. My first thought was that it’s akin to buying Blockbuster shares, hoping for a triumphant return to past glories. :joy:

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Fair enough. Thanks for answering my question!

It’s a shame really as they do have a European and UK HQ so it’s odd they wouldn’t have one in Europe, which is their best Market!

Just a bump to say its now available