Stock Request Ticker - Nintendo

Hi there,

Please can you add the Nintendo stock for the UK. Ticker NTDOY.


This is over the counter we don’t have access yet.

Nintendos dbx) listing is on already though

FRA: NTO (euro)
TYO: 7974 (yen)
OTCMKTS: NTDOY (USD - 1/8 share)
OTCMKTS: NTDOF (USD - 1 share)

If its on the Frankfurt stock exchange, then lets that flag that up as I guess it could be easier to access. :smiley:

What do you mean, are you asking me to ask T212 to put it in under Germany? :sweat_smile: I’m sure they know it’s not categorised and are on it, there’s over a thousand plus in the app you have to search the ticker as they haven’t bothered to folder it.

Shame there’s no way the community can help out with this, as it would be all categorised in about a day if everyone chipped in.

I was just givin @Anishgp3 a heads up if they search NTO they can get stuck in with euros if they wish. As @Donald_Duck mentioned they don’t have access to OTC yet.


@David @George Is there a way customers can help out with moving instruments to their correct folder / editing company details ?

I basically did not realise that it was already available :smiley:.
I don’t intend to invest in Nintendo, but either way I was not aware.

:joy: no worries, I thought you were asking me to pass on the message as if I have a secret connection to make it happen. :male_detective: :sweat_smile:

Yeah there’s loads in T212 much more than what the folders show.

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