Non PSE stocks request

Hello guys, today marked a start at lest what i saw on social media, OTC is getting hot, alot of people are seeing it as a way to make a lot of money and a place to grow a good portfolio with the right stocks we’ve seen with TNSP,ALPP,ABML, and a few others. Im more than sure that there are a lot of stock with a 10x gains…but unfortunetely alot of those aren’t penny stock exempt. So I’d like to ask if we could at least get some of those stocks. like make a poll or something idk…cause we are missing out big time. Also there are OTC on the plataform that aren’t PSE ie: ATVK,GAXY,CBBT…So @Team212 could we get at least some of those non PSE stocks?!?


we won’t get them until they are PSE. there is too much trouble in getting even a single non-pse listed as they found out when they first started adding penny stocks.

if you really want to trade these penny stocks, there are brokers for specifically that, though I forget the names.

so sad cause they could mske a diference, in europe… im oretty sure if a broker came out with those features a lot of people would leave this platform