0.000x OTC stocks

Hello i’d like to request more tripple zero stocks!! since we can’t barely get any added we would appreciate you guys to add some of them @Team212 @David


I think you might need to put a little more effort in than that :sweat_smile:

Any particular stock that’s priced 0.000x that you’ve done your DD on and want to invest in?

what i mean is, whenever we find a stock wanting it to be added they can’t do it cause it doesnt meet the “penny stock exempt”…then they should provide a solution to that imo.

Isn’t it a trading rule for European investors?

@Finki or @Richard.W might know more to answer why

Edit: I think they can be added but T212 choose not due the added regulatory scrutiny

Hello admins,
Is it possible to add XMET and NSAV for us 212 traders and investors? Thank you

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@Megabytes those both aren’t penny stock exempt which is the issue the OP is asking “Can anything be done to add them”

I had originally read it as can you add a few more stocks, you pick, any will do kind of thing. :sweat_smile:

I don’t know enough but I think they can in theory but they come with so much regulatory baggage that it’s not worth T212 time.

I blame Reddit.

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So only the ones that have PSE label can be added? GAXY is in though

Yeah, and a few people have picked up on GAXY and how was that added.

I think it might have been by mistake.

It’s an SEC rule. So US not European rule. It’s physically prevent brokers from trading the stock if X, Y and Z criteria are not met. It’s therefore not something T212 can find a ‘solution’ to. It’s a mathematical equation based on share price, earnings etc. Whether or not the equation is ‘live’ and therefore a ‘moving target’ I’m unclear. If so, it’s complex. If not, who and when performs the maths? Maybe I’ll add it to the FinKi search or FInKi API.

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yeah my suggestion was like if anything we want you to add cant be added you guys should chose…some stock we want might not meet the requeriments but for some of us OTC trading is key to grow a portfolio… and we kind of feel capped…i personally chose OTC trading cause theres no AH or PM trading and to me is safier

OTC trading is one of the most volatile and risky though :sweat_smile:

Im not even sure what trump’s the ultra low cap and 0.000x stocks in terms of riskiness. It’s all pump and dump territory, 1000% gains or worthless, flip a coin.

Each to their own :man_shrugging:


I disagree…yes theres alot of pump and dumps but theres also a lot of legit companies that you can get early into…and as i said to me no AH/PM is playing fair as i live in europe and i barely cant get any other tradibg plataform, ive invested in companies that i believed and tbh seeing how it dumps and i cant sell is frustrating…and the other way around, keeping and eye on a stock and all of a sudden skies rocket in AH to the poing id be chasing if i buy the next trading day…now if T212 implement AH/PM for NASDAQ/NSYE thatd be another whole conversation…anyway this is all imo.

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Hi, can you please add INND. Thanks :grin:

Have you been reading Reddit or are you are serious investor of hearing aid products.

It’s not penny stock exempt, and the SEC warning should make you go :grimacing:

I just wanted to buy a million and let it sit. It’s all a gamble anyway…

I guess this really boils down to what sort of platform t212 is trying to make - a long term investing platform or a shorter term trading platform.

Personally I can’t see the point of such low cap, low value stocks for either investors or t212. They cause so much work for so little gain IMO.

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