Noob question on variable price

Hi all, just a quick noob question: I put a sell order on my small amount of WKHS shares before the market opened (I expected a drop that didnt come…). The order got filled at 22.85USD whereas the share price at the 23.88USD at that opening of market. Can anyone explain the much lower order fill price? Does this mean that putting in an order pre-market is not smart and you should wait till market opens to play more ‘on the ball’ with the price? Any tips here?


If you switch to candle view it’ll show the OHLC so first min candle opened 22.90, had a low of 22.60, then a high of 23.40 at which is closed at with the ask pushing higher.

Also not normally a good idea to put in an order before open, unless you’ve looked at the pre-market and know in this case you can capitalise on the dip.

Thanks! The idea was to sell off before it dropped under 23 and I thought putting in the order pre-market would be best way to guarantee that. Anyhow, time to go do some homework!

Yeah and the only way to have sold at say 25 in this case would be to have sold near the end of the previous trading day.

If you watch the after hours and pre-market you can see what was happening. Unfortunately T212 don’t show it or allow trading out of standard hours so if you place an order before open you’ll get whatever it is on open.

If you use TV you can see in this case the build up.

With it turned off like T213 all you see is the massive gap down.

Great thanks, really useful - one more noob question - what is TV?

You put your order at the top of the book, i.e a market order

So if someone came in with a big enough limit order, that covered your order and still had more to fill, then it scooped up your order and got the rest at the 23.88 price