Pre-Market Question


When we buy a stock do we get it at the close price or the pre-market price when the market opens?

I’m guessing when the market opens we get it at the pre-market price? If so is there a way we can get in early?

You get it at the price that can be filled when the market opens.

Pre market is an indication but not a certainty!

It will be filled at market open at the nearest available price given the number of buyers and sellers and your place in the queue.

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Thanks for that. :slight_smile: Very helpful to know.

It’s asked quite a bit so don’t feel bad asking, but the simple answer is you don’t ever get the price from the past.

Is like if you looked back on any stock and said can I have that buy price from two weeks ago. :sweat_smile:

The only way is to have a broker that allows you to trade pre-market and after hours.

Unfortunately we are still waiting for T212 to do this, but hopefully in 2021.

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