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Any Nvidia investors here? Join in

Started an initial position in Nvidia last week, admittedly at a high cost but this is a profitable high growth company that continues to impress.

Last nights earnings report seemed very favourable considering the environment we are in, and they gave decent forecast for the next quarter.

Will be holding for the long term and buy more on any pull backs.

I’ve been constantly investing since january (been doing dollar cost average). My best individual stock performance this year (+35,7%). I am very confident about the company but I really wasn’t expecting that they would reach 350$ in mid crisis, so I’m a little cautious right now.

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So I only have a very small fraction in Nvidia but it has dropped 7% in the last 2 days and I’m thinking of adding some more.

Any thoughts on the group?

Very small position with a cost basis of $519. Which I had bought more to begin with, but the core focus of our portfolio is dividend growth investing. :moneybag:

i bought a hunk of nvidia in august 2019 for my sipp and another good chunk in jan 2020 in isa. I got an average price of ~£190 (~$250)

It’s a fantastic company and decent stock. But I honestly genuinely believe it’s too expensive to open a position at this time. It feels like the future growth and prospects of the company is already bought out and baked into the price.

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It’s stock split might make people think otherwise.

Lots of people simply look at the stock price and go “that’s expensive/cheap” and buy/sell.

Look at what happened to Apple/Tesla after their stock splits last year.


@Dougal1984 - yup, very true - crazy to think this was trading in the low 200s in March last year. A lot of the top analysts still see upside over the next 12 months.

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Same forecast from Barchart.com
Strong Bullish with $1000 as target

Maybe good time to take a look at GraniteShares 3x Long NVIDIA Daily ETP (3LNV) :wink:

I think one of the big news that will affect it is when final ARM merger happens or not. THat will probably dictate lots of the price moves in short term till thats settled.

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I don’t think the ARM acquisition will happen… not in the next decade simply because British regulators are involved :slight_smile:

If so could create a nice buying opportunity for a strong long term company.

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Hi @Bogi.H and the team.

Please could you update the market cap?

It’s now: 939.29 billion.


We tweaked a few things on our end. The data should be correct now :white_check_mark: