Unum Group UNM - what's happening

So I’ve a holding with UNM and for the past 2 days or so it’s dropping. I cannot see reasons why.
Financials are good, great dividend, lots of cash, and considering covid, they’ve done quite good revenue wise.
They are also underpriced currently. I bought in a few days ago, I’m eating an unrealised loss at the moment, I’ve no intention to sell, but have I missed anything on this one?

Has a story broke that I’ve missed?
I’m stumped on this one.
I’m shocked people are not snapping it up. I fear I’ve missed something?
Any advice or input appreciated.

don’t panic about some fluctuations from time to time - especially down in the short term.
in the bigger picture - since the march crash - it has steadily increased.

If you have done your due diligence and are convinced that it is a good buy, you can just relax and let it run.

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Well if you check whole financial sector has been dropping, for no apparent reason per say.

I personally skipped UNM as there are better quality financials at discount, but it is a solid pick.

Ignore the short term noise and stick to long term plan.

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Exactly what @Vedran said, don’t sweat the short term. From the graph below the drop seems in line with the general upward trend

For example I’m currently sitting on -9% on Legal and General from misjudging my buy in, but, it’s for the long term so no worry yet.

Thanks for the input. Yeah it looks like short term fluctuation, I was just suprised by how much.
I’m gravitated towards dividend payers at the moment as growth stocks seems risky in the current climate, however it would explain why some of the capital is being redirected towards tech and a car/battery venture lol.
The riskiest stock I own at the moment is probably nvidia. Overpriced, but solid growth and a very active management team. Owning such a stock is a roller-coaster ride.
But I think this presents the problem, where all the action is surrounding tech, that the market has forgotten what solid value is or looks like. Does the market even care right now?
Look at NKLA ffs lol.
I could go on…

From September 2020 when the post was written up to today UNM is up 44%. Do you think that it is still a buy ?