Hey @Team212
Hey @David

I would like you to add the company called “Norwegian Air Shuttle” to the platform, please

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Has this stock already been added?

Noo, unfortunately big gains have gone on us. Please @David

After Reversed splits, please add it to the platform, now its save to invest monthly in it

@Martin @David PLEASE :pleading_face:

@Saud Added. :white_check_mark:

@David nothing appears with $NWARF nor $NAS.OL :frowning_face:

@Saud Give it a few minutes, it will. :slight_smile:

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Mr @David the stock have being available without the ability of buying. Now it disappeared :pleading_face:.

Any updates?

@David please re-add NWARF :pleading_face:

@David please don’t forget Norwegian Air Shuttle :pleading_face:

@David Please I am waiting, I know you are so busy

Unfortunately, we do not have access to trading venues where the instrument is offered.