Oil - OD7F - WisdomTree Crude Oil

Hi, I have been an active trader in this ETF since March 2020 and it has risen well since the low’s of March/ April. This is an ETF that trades on the German stock exchange so price in euros. It’s price is based on the Bloomberg WTI Crude Oil Subindex Total Return ie see https://www.bloomberg.com/quote/BCOMCLTR:IND .

Now due to the volatility it has been a high risk but high potential reward trade. I have had the pricing down to a very narrow gap ie when it is a certain price on Bloomberg it will be a certain price on OD7F. Some examples recorded by me over the last few months are
$81.72 Bloom = € 3.33 on OD7F

Then more recently in last few weeks
82.01 = 3.26

82.09 = 3.27

83.89 = 3.33

83.65 = 3.32

It’s a ratio of 25.1 on average but is now creeping up.

Last week

83.20 is 3.30 3/8/20 ie 25.21 ratio.

But the ratio is now fluctuating very day now. Has anyone else noticed this eg today Bloomberg rose to €86.57 but on OD7F the euro price was €3.41 ie ratio of 25.38. The ratio is increasing.

This is only really for those that trade this ETF but have you noticed it is harder to get gains now even though the Bloomberg Index is increasing each week?

Could it be something like that they stopped creation for a while and started again in July?

From 30 April 2020 until 1 July 2020 creations in WisdomTree WTI Crude Oil (CRUD) were temporarily halted due to unprecedented levels of volatility in WTI crude oil futures contracts, as well as the potential negative impact a growing product could have had on the oil market. From 1 July 2020 creations in WisdomTree WTI Crude Oil (CRUD) are now permitted.


I didn’t understand the halted creation myself, so I decided to sell when it got to a reasonable profit and to not look back.

got no clue what’s happening with it but you’re right it does seem weird. i used to be an active trader in crude oil myself

Hi Guys, thanks for your reply. They are still trading this ETF and I have no concerns over it’s operation. I used to have a simple formula that whatver it was on Bloomberg you divide it by 24.1 and it would mirror the OD7F price. This has now increased to 25.1 ie it makes it harder to get the gains. Today the Bloomberg was at €85.75 and OD7F was at €3.39 so thats now an increase again up to a ration of 25.29 approx. The problem is if I bought at say €3.30 a few weeks ago the Bloomberg would have been around $79.53. But if you use today’s ratio of 25.29 the price on Bllomberg would be $83.45 - so basically even though the Bloomber price is going up, the OD7F isnt going up like it used too. Now I know it is in euro’s, but I dont think the swing on the Euro / Dollar is that much to make such a significant change. It seems if you but at €3.40 and it goes to €3.42 for example - you still wont be in profit.