Wisdom Tree WTI Crude oil ETC suspended - what does this mean?

According to their website this has been suspended for new applications. What does this mean if you have an existing investment in this??? Can you just leave it in and it will still track the market? Or is there a danger of losing everything?

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I’m also interested in this

@CirensOC They’re suspending the leveraged ones, the regular WisdomTree Crude Oil ETF (OD7F) is business as usual.

Hi David
According to their website they’ve suspended this one as well as of Friday. But from what I can read this really only applies to big players/market makers. For small investors we can continue to invest as normal. Is this correct?

My thinking on this is that even when the oil price went negative on the 20th April this didn’t crash to zero. This ETF is based on the price of all oil futures not just the current month. I’m aware you can’t give advice but am I reading this ETF correctly? It seems to be backed correctly so there is little risk of losing everything???

Thanks for your help.

No. It should be now on July’s contracts: https://data.bloomberglp.com/indices/sites/2/2016/01/BCOM-Calculation-Primer.pdf

Thank you. That’s very useful and should negate the risk with regards to the Jun contract (expiring May 20th) dropping to zero or negative (like the May contract) as it will be tracking July by then. I suppose the danger comes if the contract it’s rolling into over time is lower than the price in the existing contract.

Does this seem correct?

Thanks for your help.

Wow! Am I seeing this correctly? Was this a reverse stock split?
I hope for your sake this is true :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve not seen anything like that. Where is that image from?

Yahoo Finance app, but it seems to have been corrected. Although not impossible with oil, it did look too good to be true :smiley:

Haha. Yeh, that’s usually the way. Normal seems to good to be true. This seems linked to crude futures but not just a single contract. Fingers crossed.