Open Positions - I need help

I’m really sorry, I know this is probably a very straightforward question however I am very new to trading and I’ve searched and searched without an answer so far.

I’ve been watching the videos to try and learn about the different ways to trade and they keep mentioning the “open position”, which is displayed under the graph on the desktop view.

I hold shares and yet I don’t have any open positions. Why is that? How do I create an open position?

Thanks and again, apologies for the simple question.

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If you hold shares they should be displayed under the graph in “Investing” mode. If you’re in “CFD” mode, you won’t be able to see your stocks. Are you sure you were in the right mode?

Hi there, thanks for the reply. I’m definitely in investing mode. Can you only have open positions after the market has closed?

Sorry I’ve no idea, I don’t work here :slight_smile: was just the first thing I thought when I read your post.

Another guess: by any chance have you bought shares after the market closed? They might be in pending orders then.



An open position is a trade position that was filled and is still open and not yet closed. In other words, any purchases and trades you made which are not yet closed or sold, are called open positions. This is whats used to calculate your P/L.