Closed positions details

Hi there,
Where can I access my closed positions’ details (profit/loss…) ?
Is there a tab somewhere that I’m missing or something ?
Thx :slight_smile: :smile:

On mobile click the 3 lines in the bottom right of the app, then click history. Here you can see all of your orders, dividends and transactions.

Thanks :slight_smile:
I’m actually looking for the exact same on the web-based trading platform.
Any ideas ?

No idea then sorry, I only use the mobile app.

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CFD: Click account in top-right, click reports, click result

Invest: Click account in top-right, click history

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@R_16 @ryan9921
Thanks guys !
I knew about the history tab but didn’t know you could click on each trade to see the details. Finally got it now :slight_smile: (slow brain)
Thx again