Open positions view: Bluring effect on mouse hover and SELL/BUY buttons

Is it possible to remove the blur/anti-alias effect, which is currently being applied to the entire row in the “open positions” view, when the mouse is hovering over the row?

I’m used to moving the mouse around, so the mouse cursor is pointing at the row I’m currently reading, but doing that in the “Open positions” view on your web platform turns that row unreadable, which I find extremely annoying.

Also, is it possible to change the “BUY” and “SELL” buttons (which are now shown only on mouse hover) into fixed columns, so they would either be displayed on every row at a fixed position, or they would not displayed at all, based on display settings (just like it’s the case with all data rows now)?

Thank you.


+1 for this - I’ve no idea what the point of it is.

I’d also appreciate the ability to click on the row in the “Open positions” view and have the chart for that instrument opened, like it’s the case now with instruments displayed in watch-lists.

The ability to add more than 40 instruments to a watch-list would also be nice :slight_smile:

One other thing I’d like to see is a “Portfolio” watch-list, which would be maintained automatically, based on currently open positions.

Thank you.


+1 - it’s super annoying

all you have to do to open a chart from open positions is right click. it is listed along some other options as well, price alerts, details and history. there are only so many things you can make visible at a time before it becomes cluttered and hard to navigate.

perhaps the blur could be less strong if you still want to see some of the numbers but its whole purpose is to allow you to buy or sell a position straight from the instrument list without having to open a chart, the blur makes it easier to see the buttons and having them centred means its quick and simple to make the buy/sell action.

this may be a feature that has people divided because I personally like how it functions right now and not sure if I would consider your suggestions as improvements once they are implemented.

Like trading with a blindfold on. Very useful, indeed.

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For me it is clear. If I scroll the cursor to the position it means that all information about this position interests me. So blurring them is completely pointless.


as far as I am concerned, the whole point of moving the mouse cursor to a position is to perform an action. the blur makes this clear in terms of the buttons, AKA the actions you can perform with that position.

your screen displays all numbers without the need to hover over it and you can change the position frame to control how many you see at a time as well as scroll to reach a specific point in your list. moving the buttons into the positions opens up a whole bag of UX problems regarding space, ease of reading and clicking the wrong buttons due to all the lines looking alike.

the feature does serve a purpose so just asking for it to removed doesn’t help make the platform easier to navigate. would you prefer if the blur was applied to the rows you aren’t looking at instead?

Sorry, but everything after “as far as I am concerned” …
turned into a blur, as soon as I wanted to read it.


Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and suggestions! We use that blur to focus the user’s attention to the Sell/Buy more actions (with the trade-off that while hovering on the row, you can’t see its details).

The good news for all is that we’re working on a brand new web UI which will eliminate the need of this trade-off along with many others and will improve your web user experience drastically.