Investor Account Management Problem: Closing a position (among several opened positions)


Sometimes I need to ‘shave off’ some positions for some reason. The problem is when I close a position, I do not know which of the one I’m closing (as I commonly open and close positions for the same stock).


when I close a position (within several open positions) I do not know the one that I’m closing!

This is something that you must absolutely fix because it turns portfolio management unmanageable.

Your position history is hard to read, I cannot see the P&L per opened position and I’m unable to close one from the list. Suppress it and consider the following:

When double clicking an open position (investor account) I want to see all my opened positions for a given stock in the same listview format as the ‘Open positions’ listview (that should be called ‘portfolio’ on the tooltip) and with more or less the same columns I have in the ‘portfolio’ listview. Allow closing individual positions, that consequently opens your ‘close position’ dialog.

Remove the blurring effect when selecting a line in the ‘open position’ listview (the tooltip should be called ‘Portfolio’ instead of ‘open positions’)

Instead of having a configuration option to show tickers instead of full stock name, you should add a column option for both (allowing user selection).

Add an invested column in your ‘open position’ listview (that should be called ‘portfolio’) with the amount of money invested in given stock.

It appears that your interface wasn’t designed with people in mind that open several positions of the same asset, which is the basis for any long-term investor.

Some feedback would be appreciated,


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